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Dougher-Braden, LLC is a new company led by a group of successful military, government and business leaders. Founded to assist businesses of every size and in every stage of development, we offer innovative approaches to management, growth, and resiliency.

Our mission is simple: help businesses succeed. We’re direct, we’re passionate, and we’re scrupulous in our approach.

If you need help with challenges and issues, or you’re ready to take your organization the next level, reach out to us or read more about our story.

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When disaster strikes, Focus72™ will be there for you. Focus72™ is a unique approach to leadership development and business resiliency planning. Leveraging your most important investment -- your people -- Focus72™ prepares your organization to respond to and recover from any brand-altering level event, focusing on actions necessary to prepare for and respond to the first 72 hours of a crisis.

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25% of businesses fail within one year of a disaster.


40% of businesses fail to reopen after a disaster.

> 90%

More than 90% of businesses fail within 2 years of a disaster.


Our Priorities

Ask ten consulting companies what their priorities are, and we'll bet nine of them will tell you their first priority is their customer. Not us.  Our priorities are our faith, our families, our selves -- and then our customers.  Yep, you're number 4.  Here's why: Faith is personal, but we know if we actively tend our faith, we have a solid foundation to build on. That strong foundation lets us focus on what is truly important -- family. When we know our families are safe and cared for can we attend to ourselves, and when the first three priorities are secure, we can provide the level of attention and service you deserve. Not to brag (well, maybe just a little) our track record reflects our ability to set and maintain priorities! If you want to work with consultants who know how to define, measure and achieve success, give us a call.



We’ll tell you what you need to know – not necessarily what you want to hear.


We want to help -- and we're confident we can.


Leverage our lessons learned – the good and the bad!

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