Our People

Passion -- Dedication -- Unique Experience

As Managing Director, I'm responsible for infrastructure and administration -- keeping on top of the mundane so our direcrors can focus on the important issues -- helping our clients achieve their goals. When building the websirte, I asked the team for bios for our website and got the usual very impressive, but very humble stuff. I want you to know you'll be working with amazing people, so I worte the intros for each director....

Alisa Stack

Director of Cannabis Support Programs

A respected member of the US Government's Senior Executive Service, Alisa was always in the middle of action -- including two years in Afghanistan! She has leadership experience at all levels, from start up through legacy organizations of 1000 members and operating budgets of $150M+. In 2017, Alisa left the Department of Defense to join the cannabis industry, as a dispensary general manager where she focuses on customer service, compliance, outreach, and personnel. We're really excited about supporting this new frontier of business!

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Bob Dewald

Director of Plans and Assessments

Bob had a stellar career in the US Air Force, serving in several hi-power, incredibly responsible positions. After retirement, he worked as a security program manager and consultant providing advice and assistance to military and government leaders. Throughout his military and civilian careers, he's always found time to give back -- supporting a variety of efforts to make life easier and more rewarding for those less fortunate than us. He has an incredible perspective on life -- understands what is truly important, and how to maintain the proper balance. His selflessness is an inspiration -- and his experience and capacity to help is immense.

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Matt Branigan

Managing Director

Matt has over 30 years of executive leadership experience in the military, C-suite and boardroom.  Matt has division start-up experience with a Fortune-500 company, CEO experience with a 7500-employee company, and start-to-sale experience with a small business which was named to Inc. Magazine's fastest growing 5000 and named a "Best Place to Work" by the Washington Business Journal.

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Terry Planton

Director, Economics and Finance

An educated and experienced economist, Terry is a wizard at financial analysis, financial program support, and capital requirements development. He's been a primary business developer for a $185M business unit, founded and managed SAIC's Center for Economic and Financial Analysis, and helped companies secure capital as the Managing Partner of Quarry House Group. Read more.....

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Dr. Jenni Hesterman

Director of Leader Development

Our Inspiration-in-Residence, Jenni had a phenomenal career in the US Air Force, is a respected professor and educator, an internationally recognized terrorism and security expert, an award winning author, and a sought after public speaker. But if you ask her what she's most proud of, she'll tell you her family. Read more....

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