Our Story

Our story is unique

Google "business management consulting" and almost two billion results return. 2 Billion!

With market saturation that intense, who would start another consulting company?

We did.

Dougher-Braden is a different kind of company.

Sure. Every company says that.

All of our Directors have real-world executive experience in fast paced, ultra-high-pressure situations. We've done things right, and we've made significant mistakes. We've enjoyed spectacular successes, and we've failed -- more than once. But when the dust settled after each failure, we were still standing. Stronger. Wiser. Better prepared.

Each of us defined success and achieved it. Made it to the mountaintop – earned our spot on the Lido Deck.

Some of us tried to step away and work on our "deferred activities" list. Travel a little. Whittle down the home projects. Concentrate on our hobbies. But we realized something was missing, and when we talked about it, we identified what it was.

We loved helping people succeed.

The source of our greatest professional pride and the most fun we ever had was leading teams to accomplish far more than individual members thought they were capable of. We love watching people flourish and love even more watching them celebrate accomplishment.

So we started Dougher-Braden.

We want to help, and we know we can.

We’ve developed approaches, processes and structures that have proven to increase effectiveness and efficiency. We’ve labored to find a work-life balance that keeps us always at the peak of our game. We set goals and exceeded them -- and we can help you do the same.

Leveraging our experience will turbo-charge your learning curve; identify cost effective, time efficient management processes and help you identify, address and mitigate any issue, weakness or concern.

We’d truly love to talk to you. Give us a call or contact us here. It won’t cost you a cent, and it may be the best time investment you've made in a long while.